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Yearbook Club

Yearbook club is open to Grades 5-8. The club meets at vairous time during the school year. Kids attending Yearbook Club will learn photo taking techniques, how to edit photos, and how to put together page layouts for our yearbook.


Music is a gift from God.


Students in Band enjoy learning their musical instruments, and showing off their talents at our special events. This photo is of our band practicing for our Advent Service.

Music Class

Learning music appreciation with a recorder. Our students have so much fun playing their recorders.

milford oh band



Science Olympiad

Students in grades 5-8 have the option of staying after school on Tuesdays starting Nov. 1 and ending with competition on March 5.

Science Olympiad is a national competition.
science olympiad ohio competition

The students may pick 1-6 events of the 23 events that they wish to study for, build, practice, and/or investigate.

All the areas of science are covered. Each event requires a high level of thinking, doing, and remembering.

Dance Club

dance club ohioDuring the months of January and February, on Tuesdays students in grades 1-4 have the option of participating in various dances.

Mrs. Mayo teaches are Chicken Dance, Twist, Electrice Slide, Macaranna, Cha Cha Slide, and we do a little Merenge as a partner dance.

Stacking Club

From the first Tuesday in Novembedr until mid-December, Grades 1-4 can attend cupstacking club on Tuesdays. Cup stacking club follows the rules of competitive cup stacking. We keep records of the different stacks, the 3-3-3; the 6-6; the1-10-1; and the cycle which is a combination of the other 3 stacks. We also make up some of our own stacks. During the last week of the club, we stack all the cups up together, sometimes around one of the students. Stacking club is great for developing hand-eye coordination.

Running Club

Our Youth enjoy the fun and benefits of running:

run club 2011b smStudents in grades 1-8 have the option of staying after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to so some stretching exercises and then running. The principal leads this club. Runners are encouraged to do their best and improve from week to week. It is non-competitive. Runners receive a color coded stick for each lap they run.

  • Purple stick ran the entire lap 10 points
  • Yellow stick ran part and walked part 5 points
  • Orange stick walked entire lap 3 points

Each runner has 20 minutes to run/walk as many laps as they can. This club goes from the beginning of school until Oct. 20

Jump Rope Club

Mr. Postenrieder leads the students in grades 1-8 in various jump rope activities, competitions, and fun things.

jump rope clubThis club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting in April and ending in late May.

One of the competitions is see who can jump longer than the teacher. Another one is see who can jump the longest.

Science Club

scienceStudents in grades 1-4 have the option of staying after school from Nov. 1 to Feb. 1 each Thursday. Each week the principal plans one or two activities for each person to participate. Normally, these activities are ones that are never done in any classroom. Some require thinking while others require each student to construct something.

The students that participate always are thrilled with the activity. Most of the time the students are allowed to take home their “project”.

Spelling Bee

A good vocabulary is a major life skill for sucess.

Our Spelling Bee students develop their spelling skills in this fun competition! Our purpose is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.

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