May 17, 2019

How is it possible that the end is here?  Of course, this writing will be filled with many reminders.

We do have school this coming week, and there are expectations that need to be met.  The first graders will have a spelling test on Thursday, so practice those words.  The second graders have two math tests this week.  One will be on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday.   The test on Wednesday is a final exam covering all the skills we learned this year.

Library books need to be returned on Tuesday.  That means Monday is the last day children can check out a book.  You will be assessed $15 per books for lost books.  A note will be sent home on Tuesday if your child is missing a book.  You may check the shelves if you think it has been returned.  For most of the books I can tell you the reading level.

If you have any unpaid fees, you will need to pick up your child's report card in the office.  Report cards will go home on the last day of school.  Make sure your child has a backpack that day as there will be a few final things to bring home on Friday.  The bulk of items will come home on Thursday.  Please empty your child's backpack Thursday evening.

Summer reading goals for AR will be set next week.  Students have until August 15 to complete their summer reading requirement.

We will be rollerskating on the last day of school.  The Messenger has details you need to know.  There will be no bus service!

It has been an interesting year.  Your children are wonderful, full of life, and true gifts from God.  They have been lifted up in my prayers throughout the year.  I will miss the children.

Blessings on your summer!

anchor Dates to Remember

Chapel 5/25
Last day of school 1/2 day - 5/25



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